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Evidence of the prosperity of the ancient polis of ‘Metapontum’ can still be found in the archaeological areas. On a hill, it is possible to admire the ‘Tavole Palatine’, name that usually refers to the ruins of the extra urban temple dedicated to Hera. Built in Doric style in 530 B.C., it is the only worship monumental building whose external colonnade has been partly preserved. The original construction used to have 6 columns on the short side and 12 columns on the long side, but there are only 15 left, arranged in two wings, respectively of 10 and 5 columns each, which support two pieces of an architrave. The columns were restored in 1961.

The National Museum of Siritide of Policoro is located near the ancient Siris-Herakleia. It is devoted to the Greek colonies of Siris (VII-VI century B.C.) and Herakleia (V century B.C. – A.D. I-II century) and to the Italic world of the Agri and Sinni valleys. Through an exhibition based on chronological and topographical criteria, it supplies information about different aspects of the two subsequent Greek colonies, such as civil, economic and religious life and handicraft. The archaeological finds come from both the towns and the respective necropolises, such as the so-called ‘Tomba di Policoro’.

Tour ends with the Abbey of Santa Maria D’Anglona:

This beautiful mediaeval shrine is especially important for being the only evidence concerning the disappeared town of Anglona, the most important in this area in the Middle Ages.

The church stands on a hill and is one of the most beautiful in Basilicata.

After being declared national monument in 1931, the ‘Soprintendenza per i Beni artistici’ (Monuments and Fine Arts Board) of Basilicata started extensive restoration

The inside frescoes are of great artistic interest; they are very beautiful and partly covered by stuccoes which have undermined the former splendor.

It is very difficult to date the origins of the church, which seem to be prior to 1100.


Cost of the Tour (Half day): € 250.00 in total

There is 1 Guide every 40 participants

Entrances to pay at the moment: € 2.50 per person for the Museum in Policoro. Tip for the Abbey of Santa Maria D’anglona


The price includes:

  • English guided tour
  • Entrance in the Policoro Museum