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Matera is one of the world’s oldest towns dating back as far as Paleolithic times. The best way to visit Matera and learn more about its history, especially for all first-time visitors, is a walking tour. Explore this complex and beautiful network of caves, churches carved entirely out of the rock and narrow streets on foot to best experience Matera.

Our staff is composed by qualified tourist guides who speak several languages such as English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese. We offer a wide range of guided tours in the South of Italy.

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  • Sasso Caveoso Area

During the walking tour which lasts approx. 2 hours, our professional guides will show you the Sasso Caveoso area, the most fascinating part of our old town, named “Sassi”.. In this area iT’s possible to see how houses rise from the rock.

  • Film locations (with films such as Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, 2004)
  • Cave dwelling with old furniture

Its furniture and tools give evidence of how daily life was organized here in the Sassi. Usually a single place was used, at the same time, as habitation and stable for animals. A family compound of 11 people (with animals) lived here until 1956.

  • The rock church with frescoes inside

It is the first monastic settlement of Benedictine order and is very important in the history of the town. The church has been deeply transformed: evident architectural signs show the richness of this crypt. Of great historical-artistic importance are the frescoes which still partly adorn the walls.

  • Different Sassi districts


Duration: All tours last one hour and a half/approx. 2 hours

Tourist attractions as mentioned above included.

Group tours of at least 2 participants.

All our guides are licensed.
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View of the Sassi from Piazza Duomo