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"The houses were open on account of the heat, and as I went by I could see into the caves, whose only light came in through the front door ... On the floor lay dogs, sheep, goats and pigs. Most families have just one cave to live in and there they sleep all together; men, women, children and animals."

Levi wrote, But he said also that “Matera is an amazing city and everybody has to come here to feel the contact with Many Artists came to this City. The Poet PASCOLI in the 1884 told “Among different city Matera is that one Thank to the history of our parents, their sacrifices, the history of this city, Matera has been declaring In this city is possible to find: Caves of the Stone Age, Neolithic Village, Cave House totally carved into the Rock, Rock Churches with frescoes inside, Baroque and Romanesque Churches and the nobility Buildings. "The Sassi are reminiscent of ancient sites in and around Jerusalem, and for this reason the Sassi have been used in many films, including The Gospel According to St. Matthew (Pasolini, 1964), King David (Bruce Beresford, 1985), The Passion of the Christ (Gibson, 2004) and The Nativity Story (Hardwicke, 2006, and the last one is the Remake of “Ben Hur” with Morgan Freeman (2016)."

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